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Vintage Gharchola Saree Vol.1

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Vintage Gharchola Silk Saree - A Timeless Tale of Elegance

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of tradition with our Vintage Gharchola Silk Saree, a masterpiece crafted from Pure Jarcard Silk. Priced at ₹199/-, this saree encapsulates the essence of heritage, boasting intricate patterns and opulent textures that make it a regal choice for special occasions. 

  • Product Content
  • Type :- Gharchola Sarees
  • Material :- Pure Jarcard Silk
  • Work / Weaving :- Embrodery with Stone Work
  • Designe :- Vintage Gharchola
  • Pallu :- Contrast Green With Rich Work
  • Leanth :- 44' Inch.
  • Meter :- 5.5 Mt. + Blouse
  • Blouse Material :- Jarcard Silk
  • Blouse Designe :- Plain with Heavy Border
  • Blouse Leanth :- 44' Inch
  • Blouse Meter :- 0.90 Mt.
  • Care :- Home Washable

Step into Heritage Elegance - Order Your Vintage Gharchola Silk Saree Now!

Make a resplendent statement at every celebration with this exceptional Vintage Gharchola Silk Saree. The fusion of tradition, Pure Jarcard Silk luxury, and intricate detailing ensures you stand out with timeless grac

Key Features

  1. Gharchola Grandeur: Adorned with the timeless charm of Gharchola patterns, this vintage silk saree weaves a tale of cultural richness. The intricate motifs and vibrant colors create a mesmerizing tapestry, echoing the grandeur of traditional Indian craftsmanship.
  2. Pure Jarcard Silk Luxury: Draped in the luxurious embrace of Pure Jarcard Silk, this saree offers a majestic feel against your skin. The fabric's inherent richness and texture elevate the overall opulence, making it a statement piece for significant celebrations.
  3. Versatile Length: With a generous saree length of 5.5 meters and an accompanying blouse piece of 0.90 meters, this ensemble allows flexibility in draping styles. The saree's length of 44 CM strikes a perfect balance between traditional grace and modern allure.
  4. Detailed Blouse Piece: The saree comes with a 0.90-meter blouse piece, adorned with complementary patterns, ensuring a complete and cohesive look. The detailed blouse adds an extra layer of elegance to the ensemble.
  5. Priceless Heritage: Priced at ₹199/-, this Vintage Gharchola Silk Saree is an investment in timeless elegance and cultural heritage.

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